9x Radio Upgrade

Sorry but ...
I'm not selling the boards any more , They cost to much to make and sell.

Now that the Taranis is available , I cant compete with it at all.
This was just a Hobby project for me , and I do not have the spare time and $$ for
the project anymore.


The SKY9x DIY circuit board will directly replace the original main circuit board that came in your
9x Radio. It gives you access to the Open Source Software available for the 9x Series Radios.
such as ER9X and Open9x

It allows for direct connection to FrSky Telemetry RF Modules , with on screen data and Speech   support for received telemetry data 

Ready for the new PXX Protocol  and 16 + channel support

Basic assembly skills , and some basic soldering may be needed , depending on installation.
Feature List
-  Atmel SAM3S Arm Cortex M3 32 bit Microprocessor (256K EPROM , 48K RAM , 64Mhz)
 - Built-in USB port for loading new firmware , and to access the SD card as a Mass storage device.
 - Connector for LED Backlight , with software dimming control
-  1/2 Watt  audio amplifier with 8 Ohm Speaker Output  and support for a headphone jack 
-  4Mb EEPROM provides on board storage for 20 - 40 models depends on software used.
- Support for Koycera  64x128 LED backlight LCD  
- Two , internal RS232 Serial communication ports  with support for external 2.5mm jacks.. 
- FrSky Telemetry can hook directly up to board (no convertors needed) 
- Micro SD Card Socket for Sound , Model and Telemetry logging / storage.
- One , TTL Serial Port , for hookup to a Bluetooth Module , Like RN-42
- Hardware PPM , PXX output   .
​- Haptic Output connector 
- AVR Co-Processor , ATtiny167 AVR  , provides 12 more I/O channels and  provides  RTC 
  (Real Time Clock) functions , with on board 3V Lithium Battery
- On Board CR2032 Lithium Battery Holder  
- On Board Current Sensor monitors the current being drawn from the battery , and stores
  the amount of mAH used up.
- 5V Linear Pre - Regulator  supplies the Main LDO 3.3V Linear Regulator. For better heat       management , and a 5V Switching Regulator Upgrade is available for using  3S Lipo batteries

- The Sky9x Board is Canadian Made and Assembled.... Starting with a Gold Platted PCB.